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I have worked with Bob for over 12 years. Bob is a partner and an exceptional lawyer on corporate transactions. From basic commercial contracts to complex multimillion-dollar agreements with Fortune 500 companies, Bob always provides unparalleled support, resolving deadlocks or difficult negotiations and providing solutions to bridge differences. I always feel confident with Bob’s legal support but equally important Bob also understands business, offering creative and problem solving business ideas. Bob is a trustworthy, reliable, honest and straightforward legal counsel and a pleasure to work with.

Bob brings both sophistication and business sense to intellectual property management. In the dozen-plus years I’ve worked with him, Bob has overseen and structured international licenses, purchases and sales of IP, and development of a significant patent portfolio. Always focused on the value proposition, Bob is a hands-on lawyer who steers around distractions and gets results.

Over the years, I have spent many weeks and months with Bob Sarafian negotiating transactions domestically and internationally.  Bob is a commercially minded and results-oriented attorney who will keep a transaction on the rails while getting the best deal for his client.

I worked directly with Bob for several years and came to depend on his unique insight and perspective in challenging situations. Bob often served as a grounding element in our business which is incredibly valuable when you are being pulled in many directions. Bob is never shy about pointing out your risks while also understanding that sometimes you need to make concessions to reach an agreement. Bob is reasonable, pragmatic, and personable - all very important attributes for an effective corporate lawyer. I highly recommend him.

I had the pleasure of working with Robert Sarafian during the time I was Director of M&A at Agfa. In addition to serving as the General Counsel of Agfa’s US subsidiary, Bob was the go-to attorney, globally, for our acquisition and divestiture related activities. I collaborated on many successful projects with Bob and found that he has a great business acumen and commercial awareness. He has a keen eye on risk avoidance, but he also understands and supports the Company’s goals well beyond the strictly legal parts of a transaction. Bob is experienced in providing advice concerning due diligence, negotiating and drafting of contracts in a manner that makes it easy to understand for the business people and to get the deal done. I enjoyed working with Bob and have great respect for him as both a Corporate and M&A attorney.

I have worked as an outside counsel with Bob Sarafian for over 20 years, during his association with Bayer Corporation, Agfa Corporation and H.C.  Starck.  Bob is a talented and practical business lawyer who cuts through distractions to identify and address core business and legal issues. I know from personal experience and conversations with business leaders over the years that Bob is highly respected for his superior professional competence and sound judgment. I strongly recommend Bob.

I worked with Bob for several years and in partnership with his support and advice navigated many a delicate management situation to successful outcomes. Bob is a very good lawyer and could always be counted on to provide excellent counsel on a myriad of issues. He is smart, tenacious, and responsive. Bob is a trusted advisor in the truest sense. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a broadly skilled and experienced corporate legal advisor.

I had the great pleasure of working with Bob for several years during a period of significant and continuous change in our industry. Bob is an outstanding lawyer and a business person’s dream as a legal and operational advisor. Bob brings an excellent balance of pragmatic business understanding and sense of urgency along with a solid legal foundation critical to keeping issues framed correctly as you work through whatever project it is requiring legal support, from a critical M&A transaction, to a complex purchase or sales contract, or a novel intellectual property commercialization opportunity.

I have known and worked with Bob for 6 years and he is a very knowledgeable attorney with a broad spectrum of expertise. I have worked with Bob on everything from commercial agreements to employee situations with great success. Bob is a down to earth person that always takes the time to listen to your situation and advise to the strongest outcome you can achieve. I would recommend Bob to anyone needing legal services.

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